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My name is Lisa, & my product is called “Bio Urn™”.

As a devoted pet lover, my house is always filled with dogs.  As every pet lover will agree, the hardest part of loving a pet is having to say "good bye".
  After the recent loss of a pet, I came home from my vet’s office with another urn only to realize that I had no room left on my mantle.  I was motivated to create a solution for pet lovers like myself, so that we may stop "collecting" boxes and urns and start growing trees to memorialize our beloved companions.  I knew that this solution should be green & eco-friendly, while providing a thoughtful & respectful way to "close the circle" with a loving, living tribute, and BioUrn™ was born. 

BioUrn™ holds the entirety of a pet's cremated remains along with a seed of a tree or flowering shrub that our customers choose from a wide variety offered on our website. Once ordered, the BioUrn™" kit" is mailed direct to the customer & comes complete with everything needed to grow their memorial tree including soil, a cotton bag to hold the cremains, a nutrient rich coated seed of their chosen tree, which we call a "seedbead" & a stainless steel marker.  The "seedbead" will remain dormant until planting , allowing a family time to grieve or wait for an appropriate season to plant the BioUrn™.  The preparation of the Bio Urn™ is so simple, that everyone in the family can participate in the process.  Once the urn is planted, the "seedbead" germinates & the memorial tree begins to grow. This "circle of life" serves as a living tribute to a beloved family member.

My Eternal Family Tree LLC is an organization that believes in responsible & eco-friendly burial, and is registered with the Veteran Owned Business  directory.  BioUrn™ is  handmade in the USA, and has a US Patent pending.  Watch for BioUrn™ on Season 6 of ABC's TV show, "Shark Tank"

Visit our website at:, 
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